There are a total of 568,760 HVAC companies in the United States. Around 63,627 people are working in the Heating & Air-Conditioning Contractors industry.

You wouldn’t want to work with just any contractor you come across online when you choose a residential AC service. You want to ensure that they are qualified for the job, have experience, and will not lead you awry by making costly mistakes.

If you’ve never chosen between HVAC contractors, it may not be easy to differentiate between a true professional and an amateur.

Here are five tips for selecting the best HVAC company in Petaluma, CA.

1. Licensing and Insurance

Your HVAC system is a complex and expensive appliance. You’ll therefore want a licensed company to service or install it.

You need to work with an expert you can trust to oversee the installations of a new system or assist with regular residential AC repair.

Most states require every HVAC contractor to have a license. A permit indicates that the company’s technicians have the experience and knowledge to get the job handled safely and correctly.

Accidents are rare, but you’ll enjoy the insurance benefit while working with a licensed HVAC contractor. This protects you from financial liability if the technician is hurt on the job or causes damage to your house.

Before you hire a licensed HVAC company, request proof of insurance for services like:

  • Air conditioning installation and repair
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Furnace installation and repair
  • Heat pump repair and replacement

Thus, before hiring an AC company, seek to know what their insurance covers.

2. Home Evaluation

Before picking an HVAC specialist, confirm whether they offer home evaluation services. The best expert is one offering to perform a detailed home evaluation before giving quotations.

Not every HVAC system works in any home. Size matters when it comes to the installation of the best AC system. You should only pay for a unit that will work in your home.

Knowledgeable and experienced HVAC technicians will check out your home’s AC requirements by considering the position and number of windows. They also check home square footage, quantity and type of insulation, and your ductwork condition.

If you have a system installed and you discover that some parts in your home are either too cold or too hot, it possible that the HVAC unit installed isn’t the right size for your house. This will happen if you have the unit installed by a novice contractor who fails to perform the home evaluations and doesn’t follow the industry’s guidelines.

Hiring a skilled and experienced HVAC installer lets you have everything done right with the first trial.

3. Referrals and Reviews

Word-of-mouth from your relatives and friends is still one of the best ways to find the best local HVAC contractors. Approach your loved ones and have them recommend you to one of the best experts they’ve previously worked with.

Before you trust their word, find out about their experience with the residential AC services. Ask whether they would consider working with contractors again if the need arises.

Visit the potential HVAC contractor’s website and read reviews from their previous clients. If most reviews and ratings are positive, be guaranteed that the clients received quality services.

Use Better Business Bureau¬†or Yelp for unbiased and uncensored clients’ testimonials. You’ll access genuine feedback from these sites, like complaints against the contractors or praises for the good work.

4. Staff Training, Certification, and Experience

Advances in technology make the modern heating and cooling unit systems more efficient than before. You’ll only gain the optimum advantages from these systems when installed by trained technicians.

Besides the training courses offered, technicians have an opportunity to earn factory certifications on specific system models and brands.

When looking for a contractor, you’ll have to look for one with the proper certification and training.

From their training, they acquire knowledge that facilitates them effectively handle their duties.

You don’t want to hire an HVAC company that has recently opened for business. This doesn’t mean that new companies aren’t qualified. But they don’t have the same expertise as experts who have been handling installations and repairs of the systems for a long time.

It’s safer to go with a more experienced HVAC Firm. You have a better sense of confidence and peace when working with them because you’re sure your needs will be met perfectly.

The best HVAC companies go the extra mile by offering more extra training to their technicians. They acquire knowledge of the industry trends in machinery and common safety issues for the new HVAC systems.

5. Rebates and Special Offers

Affordability is an aspect that several people consider when choosing an HVAC company. However, it is essential to assess the total cost of ownership before selecting a unit and the expert.

Many HVAC companies make special partnerships with popular brands. This enables them to offer you incentives such as sales offers and rebates that lower the overall price of your unit.

Check around for available rebates because of how expensive a heating and cooling system is. This will help minimize costs.

Choose the Best Residential AC Service

Hiring a reputable HVAC contractor may appear to be a difficult task, and to some extent, it is. Never settle for less than the best. You may easily hire a reputable residential AC service if you follow our list of recommendations and put in the time and effort.

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