Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection In Petaluma, CA

A gas leak in your Petaluma, CA, home isn’t something you can afford to ignore. Natural gas is a clean, efficient way to heat your home and power your appliances, but if your gas pipes are leaking, people and pets in your home could get very sick, or the gas leak could cause an explosion. Knowing the signs of a gas leak enables you to quickly call Milano Mechanical for reliable gas leak detection to prevent a catastrophe!

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Gas Leak Detection

Gas Line Leak Detection and Repair, Petaluma CA

Gas leaks are emergencies that require immediate attention from a trained professional – definitely not a DIY repair! Milano Mechanical techs are your gas leak detection specialists protecting you when you need it most. We quickly find the leak and fix it, then give you tips on how to safely air out your home to remove the dangerous gas.

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Signs Of A Gas Leak

You may think that your kitchen just smells funny, but if you’re sniffing the odors of rotten eggs, that’s actually a sign of a gas leak. Because natural gas is colorless and odorless, gas companies add a sulfur compound to the gas so you can easily notice a gas leak. Other signs you need gas leak detection service include:

    • Discolored or dead grass or plants near an underground gas pipeline
    • Bubbles in wet areas on your lawn
    • Hissing, whistling, or roaring sounds near a gas-powered appliance
    • Dirt or debris flying into the air near an underground line

Any of these signs mean that you need to call Milano Mechanical for gas line repair – fast!

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Gas Line Leak Repair

At Milano Mechanical, we know that gas leaks are an emergency, so we send a plumber out as fast as we can in a fully stocked service van with all the tools and parts necessary for the job. We don’t waste time with your safety!

When we arrive, we ask about the problems you’ve noted, then complete a thorough inspection of your entire gas line system, from the underground pipes to your appliances. Then, we will give you a detailed estimate of the work needed. Once you approve, you can relax, knowing that your gas leak repair is in good hands.

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Gas Line Repiping Installation

Sometimes, though, your Milano Mechanical technician will note that your gas pipes may be in too poor of a condition to repair. We may recommend gas line repiping installation. Repiping is a minimally invasive process to replace broken, outdated, or corroded pipes with new plumbing pipes which allow water or natural gas to smoothly flow into your home’s plumbing system. It’s a thorough process that can preserve your plumbing system for years and significantly reduce the risk of needing an emergency repair.

Many pipes in Petaluma households exhibit noticeable signs that a repiping service is necessary, like:

  • Green corrosion on pipes that you can’t clean off
  • Cracked or broken pipe fittings that can’t be repaired with normal plumbing techniques
  • Black colored spots caused by lead plumbing solder or lead fittings on the pipes

If you have an older home or one with lead piping, then repiping may be necessary to prevent toxic substances from leaching into your home’s water supply. Call Milano Mechanical today for an assessment of your home’s plumbing repiping needs.

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Call Milano Mechanical Today For Gas Leak Detection and Repair!

Don’t delay a gas leak repair! Call Milano Mechanical today at 707-664-7520 to have your gas leak fixed. Or, if you have any other plumbing needs, from a dripping faucet to an entire home repiping, we’ve got you covered.

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