Recent statistics reveal that approximately 90% of American homes have air conditioning. Also, with regular HVAC maintenance, statistics show that air conditioners last 40% longer. When it gets hot, you need relief. Air conditioning provides comfort, peace of mind, and much more. You want to give your AC unit the TLC it needs when it needs it. When you partner with a reputable HVAC company to assist, you know you can achieve just that. Heating and cooling maintenance is essential to creating a longer lifespan for your air conditioner, and here is why.

Proper Air Conditioner Installation

When you need to replace your AC unit, you may not consider how long it will last. However, having a qualified installer will significantly impact its lifespan. Air conditioner installation is not an area where you want to find someone to do it “cheap.”

You must pay a professional rate to ensure all unit components are correctly placed and working. This way, you won’t be left damaged by human error and a shorter life span due to an inexperienced installer who lacks the proper attention to detail.

Ongoing HVAC Maintenance reports that Americans replace three million heating and cooling systems each year. Not only that, but Americans spend $14 billion on HVAC services and repairs annually.

Heating and cooling make up around half the average home’s energy bill. Therefore, your system must be functioning at optimum efficiency.

You should start immediately if you do not have an established routine or relationship with a professional HVAC technician. Springtime, or the start of the summer, is the best time to find issues.

You can ask for a “tune-up.” This would include cleaning the interior mechanisms, inspecting the air conditioner components, topping up the refrigerant, and cleaning the condensation pan. A technician will thoroughly examine the outdoor unit and check it for debris and damage.

Make sure that you schedule your appointment before you need to use your air conditioner in full force. Proper maintenance can keep your unit in top condition and increase its longevity.

Replace the Air Filters

It’s an integral part of your AC maintenance plan. You must be familiar with how to change your air filters. It’s a simple DIY task.

The lifespan of a filter depends on which type you have and the conditions of how it operates. Filters can last anywhere from two weeks to three months. If you do not replace the air filter, your AC can suffocate.

A smart air conditioner controller is an excellent component that will monitor your air conditioner usage. It will notify you when it is time to clean the air filter.

How to Clean an Air Filter

You can clean them yourselves in a few ways. A common tactic that works well is to use a vacuum cleaner to blow an air filter.

Many filters you could wash with soapy water. If you wash it with a soapy solution, rinse it thoroughly. Then, let it dry; once it’s dry, your filter is good to use again.

When you want a deeper cleaning for an air filter, you can fill your sink with part water and part white vinegar. Allow the air filter to soak in this solution for at least one hour. For a filter that is too large to fit in a sink, you can clean it outside with a garden hose.

Use Other Appliances to Lessen the Load

The primary way you keep your home cool is with an air conditioner. However, this is not your only option for keeping it cool. You can optimize your air conditioner usage when you combine it with the help of other home appliances.

One such appliance is a ceiling fan. Further, ceiling fans help to circulate the air in your home. Not only that, but you can set your air conditioner to a lower power setting.

You can benefit in multiple ways. Your air conditioning unit can last longer with less load, and lower energy bills may arrive in the mail.

Thick curtains can help to block out heat from the sun. Reflective window films also help to keep sunshine at bay. Smart blinds are fantastic for reducing the workload of air conditioners, too.

Use Auto Mode

Most air conditioners have a setting for “auto.” When you use it, the fan for the air conditioner only turns on when your requirements are met. It does not run at a constant speed.

The “auto” setting tells the air conditioner when to work at specific temperatures. Otherwise, if you set the air conditioner to “high,” no matter the temperature, it can work hard when it does not need to. This leads to unnecessarily using energy, which creates higher energy bills and wastes money.

Plus, dust and dirt will collect quickly with a fan running at high speeds even when it doesn’t need to. It will accumulate more rapidly than if you were to use the automatic setting.

Contact Milano Mechanical to Schedule AC Maintenance in Rocklin, CA

You can create a longer lifespan for your air conditioner with regular heating and cooling maintenance. Ensure you have your unit installed correctly by a professional, change or clean your air filters, and schedule regular maintenance visits with a professional at Milano Mechanical.

Milano Mechanical provides residents of Rocklin, California, with comprehensive HVAC services. You can enjoy comfort and energy efficiency with an air conditioner that will go the distance. Create a longer lifespan and optimize your system with Milano Mechanical!

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